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Orton-Gillingham Training is a key to reading success if you feel helpless because your child is NOT making progress in learning to read. This is especially true if your child has been diagnosed with dyslexia or a specific learning disorder in reading.

With Orton-Gillingham Training, you CAN help your child progress educationally by working with him at home.

It is essential for you you understand HOW your child needs to be taught in order for your child to learn to read.

The foundational, proven, time-tested methodology for teaching children with dyslexia how to read is the Orton-Gillingham Method. It is the basis for many great reading programs designed specifically to overcome dyslexia.

The “Orton-Gillingham” method is a multi-sensory instructional method that is used to help children with dyslexia learn how to read.  There are many Orton Gillingham curriculum programs available that you can easily use at home to help your child.

With Orton-Gillingham Training You Can Help Your Child Overcome Dyslexia At Home

If your child has a reading disability, school is going to be a long, difficult road if you don’t know how to help your child at home.

While you may think trained classroom teachers understand how to teach kids with dyslexia, they do not.  Teaching kids with dyslexia is NOT part of standard teacher training. But the method for teaching kids with dyslexia isn’t difficult to use. You just need a little bit of training!

As your child’s parent, you may have to educate most (if not all) of your child’s classroom teachers about Orton-Gillingham instruction.

Having Orton-Gillingham training will benefit you greatly because you’ll know the required process for your child to learn how to read.  I completed an Orton-Gillingham training course to help my child and I highly recommend you complete an Orton-Gillingham training course too.

The knowledge you’ll gain will be invaluable for helping your child make it through school successfully. If you understand the required teaching method, you can use any Orton Gillingham curriculum to successfully help your child in ALL subject areas!

Even though reading resource teachers are generally trained in Orton-Gillingham programs, they seldom have enough time to dedicate to the level of one-on-one instruction that is required for a child with true dyslexia to learn to read. This is where being able to work with your own child at home can be the difference between educational success or failure.

Listing of Orton-Gillingham Training Programs

When you’ve completed Orton-Gillingham training, you can work directly with your child and you will no longer feel helpless and lost when it comes to your child’s educational progress.  Completing the course I took was a huge key in my ability to help my son and turn our story into a success story.

If you don’t have the money for an Orton Gillingham training course, you can buy the definitive guide to Orton-Gillingham instruction, and you will learn everything you need to know from this book.

Orton-Gillingham TrainingI highly recommend getting a copy of the Orton-Gillingham Manualorton gillingham training whether you take a course or not.

Having it on hand will help you understand how to teach your child and will provide you with a solid understanding of what you or your child’s school must do in order for your child to learn to read.

In addition to seeking out Orton-Gillingham training, I HIGHLY recommend acquiring a copy of my book, “The Dyslexia Help Handbook for Parents: Your Guide to Overcoming Dyslexia Including Tools You Can Use for Learning EmpowermentDyslexia Help Handbook for Parents book dyslexic dyslexie books” to give yourself a comprehensive plan for teaching your child well. This book contains a lot of recommendations for Orton Gillingham curriculum programs, which will be of help to you when teaching your child.

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  1. Hi. From which institute did you complete the Orton-Billingham training?

    • I received my training through Rotter and Becker Educational Consultants in Roswell, GA, taught by Claire Pearson, a certified Orton Fellow.

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