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When it comes to adaptive curriculum for kids with learning disabilities, you can make your OWN!

To adapt any curriculum into a multisensory curriculum. You can look at your curriculum to assess what multisensory activities the curriculum already contains.

What parts of the program are visual? Auditory? Kinesthetic? Or Tactile?

If the curriculum is already in your child’s primary learning style, you should be able to use the lesson “as is.” As far as adaptive curriculum goes, you can add sensory activities for variety and to boost your child’s learning.

If the curriculum is primarily taught through a learning style that is different from your child’s primary learning style, you can add multisensory activities in your child’s learning style. 

Added activities should be in your child’s primary learning style to make sure he learns from the activities. Creating an adaptive curriculum works best if you use your child’s preferred learning style to introduce new content too. In other words, for each new lesson, start by teaching it using an activity that is in your child’s learning style.

You can still use the unadapted curriculum for your child’s learning too. Just add in multisensory activities wherever possible. Your child will learn better if you shift towards providing additional activities in your child’s primary and secondary learning styles.

To create adaptive curriculum that is fully multisensory for your child, brainstorm ideas for activities. Add activities for the senses that are not already included in the curriculum.

You may be able to find ready-made curriculum that is well-adapted for your child among the many resources for kids with learning disabilities. Check out the Adaptive Curriculum options on Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op too.

If you landed on this page without coming through the sections with information about each learning style, you may want to go visit those pages. It might help clarify how you make adaptive curriculum from ready-made programs:

The NEXT set of pages in this tutorial contain lists of ideas for each learning style. You may want to print the lists for your child’s primary and secondary learning style. You may want to print all of the lists to use in creating your own adaptive curriculum from any program you use.

Use the listed ideas to add sensory elements to your lessons. You can create your own multisensory activities based upon your child’s needs and interests. To practice, think of a concept your child is currently working on. Then go to the next page to start building an adaptive curriculum for YOUR child..

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