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What is Your Child’s Physiological Learning Style ?

There are four components to a child’s physiological learning style. Look at each of the pieces to see what your child’s physiological learning preferences might be.

Physiological Learning Style - perceptual

Physiological Learning Style : Perceptual Strengths (Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic & Tactile) – These strengths are the basis of most learning styles models. They were discussed in detail earlier in this tutorial.

time of day learning style

Physiological Learning Style : Time-of-Day Energy Levels – Learners can be early, alert risers, ready to learn early in their day, or they may not become fully alert until much later in the day. The time of day when a person is most alert is the best time to engage in learning activities, whether that time is in the morning, evening, or midday.

intake learning style

Physiological Learning Style : Intake Needs (Foods & snacks) – Study data shows breakfast helps most people get their day off to a good start by providing energy for the body after being without any food through the sleep cycle. Throughout the rest of the day, a learner may prefer to eat frequently in small amounts, or eat larger meals a few times during the day. Learners may like to drink continuously while studying, or may prefer to chew gum to aid concentration. Meeting basic intake needs will help any learner focus on learning better because they won’t be distracted by a desire to meet intake needs.

mobility learning style

Physiological Learning Style : Need for mobility – Some learners prefer to learn in a stationary stance, while “active” learners prefer to move while learning. Movement can range from pencil or finger tapping, wiggling a leg, getting up frequently, walking while reading or studying, or engaging in hands-on learning activities. A need for mobility can range anywhere from being stationary up to continuous movement.

If you’d like to evaluate your child’s physiological learning style, visit to have your child take the full assessment.

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