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Welcome to Multi Sensory Learning Instruction and the Learning Styles Tutorial!

This self-paced tutorial will teach you all about the effectiveness of multisensory teaching methods and using learning styles for teaching.

You will learn about visual, auditory, and kinesthetic/tactile learning styles.

You will also learn about multi sensory learning and multisensory teaching methods you can use for each learning style.

I have also included resources you can visit to determine your child’s individual learning style.

Each of these resources is invaluable for engaging your child in learning, especially if your child struggles with reading, writing, or math.

My goal is to help you educate your child and overcome learning disabilities while schooling at home.  I hope you enjoy this multi sensory learning tutorial, and gain valuable information for teaching your child.

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This multi sensory learning tutorial is 36 Pages in length, including this page. The tutorial is targeted towards parents who are home schooling children with learning differences, but it is valuable information for ANY teacher.

To begin the multi sensory learning tutorial, simply press the “Forward” button!

Best Wishes for GREAT Teaching and Awesome Multi Sensory Learning,
S. L. Cook
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