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Do you ever wonder, “What dyslexia is like?”

If you have a child with dyslexia, understanding what dyslexia is like for your child will help you work with your child better.

Since parents sometimes think their kids are just NOT trying hard enough. Knowing what your child is experiencing will help you teach your child better.
What dyslexia is likewhat is dyslexia like
Children with dyslexia are often gifted at thinking outside the box. However, their unique minds affect their reading skills. Often kids with dyslexia have difficulty with other subjects besides reading. Their brains are different, so information processing can be affected in in unexpected ways.

Watch the video below to better understand what dyslexia is like for your child (YouTube video will open in new window):

FAT City Video: Reading and Decoding, What is Dyslexia Like?

The Fat City Workshop is an excellent program for understanding any child’s learning disabilities. It will help you better understand perception, comprehension, memory, attention, and other issues that your child may have.

What did you find difficult about the experiences portrayed in the video?  Did the video help with understanding what dyslexia is like for your child?  Truthfully, understanding dyslexia is critical for you to be able to teach your child with love, compassion, and understanding.

No matter what your child’s disability is, it’s a virtual certainty he wants to learn.  Kids with disabilities often try harder than anyone suspects, but the learning tasks truly are difficult for their unique brains.

That doesn’t mean your child isn’t SMART! Often kids with dyslexia are VERY smart, but typical classroom tasks aren’t designed with any consideration for what dyslexia is like!

If you want to know more and watch the full-length video with all of the learning experiences, you can see the full video at:

In addition to the video, the books that are listed below will enable you to better understand what is dyslexia like for your child. Check out these books for additional information to help you understand what is dyslexia like for your child:

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