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Because “What curriculum should I use?” is the #1 question, I’ve put together this resource page listing the pages on the Learning Abled Kids’ website that contain information about specialty curricula for specific learning needs.

Before you jump to find that “perfect” curricula though, I must tell you there is no “one size fits all” learning disabilities curriculum.. Otherwise, that would be a standard curricula, as you know.

Two of the BIGGEST keys for figuring out WHICH program will fit YOUR child are:

1) Identify your child’s Learning Style so you can select programs that will make learning easier for your child,


2) Have your child evaluated so you will KNOW what underlying learning difficulties, like working memory deficits or a slow processing speed, you need to address so your child will be better able to learn.

After you’ve determined the TYPE of program you need for your child, visit each page below for ideas about different types of curricula that may fit your child’s needs based upon his specific learning disabilities, learning styles, and your personal preferences for teaching.

Pages containing Home School Curriculum for Learning Disabilities information:

  • Free Multisensory Curriculum Online – high-quality, free online learning programs on the Internet, suited as stand alone sources of curriculum for children with an auditory or visual learning style. Children with ADHD often like the engagement of such programs as well.
  • Online, Interactive Reading Games and Programs – Whether a child has ADHD, dyslexia, or another learning disability, using audio-visual programming to engage your child in learning can help build your child’s reading skills with interactive, online reading programs.
  • Finding Effective Orton-Gillingham (O-G) Programs – O-G programs are specialty reading programs used to help children with dyslexia learn how to read. This type of reading program will work for most children, but is essential curriculum for children with dyslexia.
  • Scientifically Proven Reading Programs – These are programs which have scientific study data proving their effectiveness, and are typically used for remediating learning disabilities in the area of reading, specifically for dyslexia. They are good solid, comprehensive programs for teaching reading using Orton-Gillingham methods.
  • Reading Programs for Homeschooling to Overcome Dyslexia – These are programs and materials that are somewhat less expensive than the programs listed under the “Proven Reading Programs” tab. These programs may or may not have study data to back them up, but generally speaking they are an inexpensive approach to remediation given you use the programs diligently.
  • Math Curriculum for  Homeschooling to Overcome Dyscalculia – These math programs are chosen for their visual and multisensory elements, which help children with learning disabilities remember the content more effectively.
  • Learning Disability Curriculum Providers for Homeschoolers – This page contains sellers of Hi-Lo curriculum for learning disabilities in the area of reading. The materials are age-appropriate for a child’s chronological age, and available in various lower reading levels. You can purchase books with your child’s current reading level (RL) and his current chronological age/grade level (IL) to make a viable curriculum package.
  • General Homeschool Curriculum Providers – I thought I’d go ahead and list some general home school curriculum providers even though they aren’t specifically for children with learning disabilities. Select these typical home school programs in subjects where your child is not affected by his learning disabilities. Keep in mind, your child can use grade-level science and social studies programs if they include audiobooks or are taught via DVD or computer. In ability to read does not have to be a barrier to learning!

If you need help figuring out what types of programs your child needs, going through the instructional design process to better understand which homeschooling curriculum will best meet your child’s needs. You can step through the process by beginning here: Programs for Overcoming Learning Disabilities.

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  1. my son is in high school and he’s in special education and he is not doing so good in school right now he’s in 11th grade and he might need a program to help him get his high school diploma

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