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Looking for Information on the Tactile Learning Style?

This page is lists all of the links to pages about the Tactile Learning Style within the Learning Abled Kids’ website.

There is a lot of information about the tactile learning style scattered throughout the website. So, I wanted to make finding that information easy for you. There are also related topics that don’t show up in the Learning Styles category. The information is just listed under other topics like multi-sensory instruction, assessment, teaching, etc.

You’ll find this page an easy jumping point to learn all you can about the Tactile Learning Style.

If you’re not sure what your child’s individual learning style is, you might want to start by Finding Your Child’s Learning Style.

Here are pages you’ll want to take a look at so you can effectively help your Tactile Learner:

tactile learning style

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tactile learning style

Tactile Learning Style Teaching Activities – LIST for Tactile Learners – If you need ideas for teaching your tactile learner, you’ll find a helpful list of activities here. These activities can help your child remember his lessons better and complete his homework with better retention.

Tactile Definition & Tactile Learning Style, Teaching Tactile Learners – The definition of tactile learning is important to understand if your child is a hands-on learner. This page is the tactile definition and explanation page.

Step 2: Task Analysis, Part A – Learning Styles, including the Tactile Learning Style – The importance of analyzing your child’s learning styles is explained By understanding your child, using different models, you can meet your child’s learning needs better.

Kinesthetic Learning Styles : Teaching Strategies and Activities – This page has teaching activities that use movement listed. You can use these these activities with your tactile learner. The activities aren’t quite the same thing as hands-on activities, but they are often favorites for kids who like hands on learning.

Learning Styles – Here’s a page for better understanding of learning styles in all areas.

Learning Styles Overview for Homeschooling – Understanding learning styles based teaching can help you reach and teach your child better.

I hope this helps you find what you need for your Tactile learner. I hope it also makes your job just a little bit easier! 😉

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