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Teaching your child through his learning styles makes learning easier for your child. Do you know what that means for YOU?

It means better learning progress for your child! And you won’t have to repeat yourself as much. Your child will learn information more quickly if you teach in his style. You can cut the time you spend teaching each topic.

There are several learning styles models out there that you can choose from. The most popular model is the VAKT learning style model. VAKT stands for visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile.

The Multiple Intelligences theory is also a well used model. A favorite of mine for creating a perfect learning environment is the Dunn and Dunn model.

Visit the learning styles pages below to learn how to teach your child using his best learning style(s).

For your easy use, here is a list of the learning styles links on this website:

Learning Styles:

Auditory Learning Style:

Visual Learning Style:

Kinesthetic Learning Style:

Tactile Learning Style:

For Multi-sensory instruction, simply chose an activity from each of your child’s learning styles. You can teach each concept using several learning style activities. Multi-sensory instruction takes creativity and planning. However, it is well worth the time if your child has difficulty remembering his lessons.

I have a lot of information on this website about determining your child’s learning style.

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