Learning Styles


When it comes to designing viable instruction for an individual, one of the most important aspects of instruction to consider is the individual’s preferred learning style.  There are several learning styles models which have been identified.  Each of them brings benefit in understanding an individual learner, so it is beneficial if you read and understand each way of meeting your child’s learning needs.

The primary learning styles models are VAKT (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic/Tactile), Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, and the Dunn and Dunn Model for Learning Domains.   Undertaking a process of analyzing your learner to determine his or her individual learning needs through each of these models will help you provide your instruction in a way that is helpful to your learner.  Using means for providing instruction that is not within the individual’s way of assimilating information will waste your time and effort, and will frustrate your learner because she will not be able to gain needed knowledge from the provided instruction.

For a comprehensive understanding of learning styles, watch this YouTube video (opens in new window):

Learning styles do exist: Understanding the 12 ways of learning

In each of the sections under this main Learning Styles page, I will share information about the various learning styles as well as resources you can use to determine the primary learning styles of your learner.   By undertaking the quest to understand your learner, you will better be able to teach him.  Access each section by clicking on the links below.

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