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The Learning Abled Kids Support Group is for parents who are actively HOMESCHOOLING (or CONSIDERING HOMESCHOOLING) bright children who struggle with learning. When a child is intelligent enough to know he can learn, but has difficulty in one or more areas, both homeschool teacher and child can become frustrated. If you need specific advice for home educating your child, or just need to find a place where people understand your child’s struggles, Learning Abled Kids is a great place to be. We have over 1500 helpful parents who support each other with positive encouragement and ideas for teaching, managing behavior issues, or any other problem you may be facing in homeschooling your child.

The support group is hosted on the Yahoo! Groups platform. When you ask to join the group, you will asked to provide your specific reason(s) for joining the group. Please include that information and join us for support and encouragement. You can join the Yahoo group by entering your email address here:

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If you are not a homeschooling parent:

1) LearningAbledKids does not work on issues with public or private schools.  If have problems with your child’s school, there are more appropriate support groups, which are focused on public school advocacy. To find a better group to meet your needs, search Yahoo! groups for IEP help, Special Education advocacy, or other related issues. Since a parent is not in “control” of a her child’s education through traditional schooling, problems with  traditional schools requires an entirely different approach than homeschooling. I hope that makes sense.  I wish you all the best in finding the support you need in advocating for your child.

2) LearningAbledKids’ is not a group for professionals, teachers, students doing research, companies wanting insights into the homeschool community, and other non-homeschooling professionals. The parents within the group have expressed they do not want to be the subject of research or observation, to have teachers judging homeschooling approaches, nor to have companies trying to sell them programs or products (we have a strict “no solicitation” policy in the group, so joining and soliciting will result in being banned from the group).

Additional information and resources for providing help to learning abled kids in your life can be found by reading content on this website.  See menu options in the left-hand column.

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