Jul 112013

I just watched a Denis Waitly success video which I wanted to share with all of you. Believe in your child and help your child believe in his self.  Dreams are what reality is made of if you set goals and go after your dreams.  You won’t regret spending the time watching this video.. it will help you believe in the possibilities for your child and his future. (The video opens in a new window.)

Winners Focus on Results – Denis Waitly – The Winner’s Edge

This brings to mind a mom I was chatting with two days ago.  She is living the success story of homeschooling her child just like we did. She was told by school officials that her son would never read, and this week he is reading his first novel. I remember when my son read his first novel.

Do not despair during the early struggle days in teaching your child to read.  Just believe in your self and believe in your child.  Set goals for teaching your child.  How will you teach and what will you teach?  What does your child like reading about and how does he learn best?  If you are purposeful about the process of teaching your child to read, you can be successful! GO FOR IT!

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