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IEP Education Training and Resources for Parents

If your child is being evaluated for special education services, your child may need an IEP. What is an IEP? You probably feel like you need an IEP education yourself!

If you landed on this page without coming THROUGH our FREE Learning Abled Kids’ IEP training, you can learn a LOT about your child’s IEP by going through the full training course. It can help you understand the IEP process, what should be IN your child’s IEP, and what your role is as your child’s parent. You can go through the IEP training sequentially by starting with the Welcome page.

You can also jump to any section of the IEP education training by selecting a section from the menu below. If you’d like to review part of the training, or just study one aspect of your child’s IEP education plan, I’ve included links so you can jump to the section you’d like.

Additionally, I’ve included other valuable resource sites you may find helpful. The additional sites will provide IEP education information about the Laws, disabilities, and some may help you understand your child’s needs better.

To Understand Your Child’s Learning Needs, you might find it helpful to learn about Learning Styles, multisensory teaching, and proven programs for reading, writing, and math.

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IEP Education Training Course Table of Contents:

Required IEP Sections.
Present Levels of Performance.
Goals & Objectives.
Supports & Services.
Accomodations & Modifications.
Measures of Progress.
IEP Education Training Conclusion.
IEP Education Training Resources.

Learning Abled Kids’ Support Group.

IDEA Practices.
From Emotions to Advocacy.
Wright’s Law.
LD Online.
Schwab Learning Foundation.
All Kinds of Minds.
International Dyslexia Association.
Children & Adults with ADD.

IEP Education Training Site Map

Now that you’ve finished the IEP Education Training course, you might find it helpful to browse the Resources listed or you may want to review certain portions of the course.

We also have a discussion forum where you can ask questions about homeschooling and directly meeting your child’s needs. Our members are parents who are trying to meet their child’s needs directly rather than trying to receive services through public schools. Any time you need to find a different way to meet your child’s needs, have questions about homeschooling, or simply want to converse with others struggling to provide their child with an appropriate education, please join the Learning Abled Kids Support Group.

Thank you so much for your participation and congratulations in completing the IEP education training course!

Best Wishes for great IEPs to help your child.

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