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IEP Supports and Services

Supplementary aids to support your child: By the end of this unit about IEP supports and services, you will be able to:

– State what types of IEP supports and services can be provided through your child’s IEP.

– Define what Assistive Technology is and list types of technology can be provided through an IEP

– Define ESY, and state when ESY can or should be provided.

– Define IEP supports and services your child may require in order to learn in the general classroom curriculum.

Technology can enhance your child’s learning in fantastic ways. Some simple tools such as Franklin Spellers can help a child write more effectively. Auditory Amplifiers can help a child focus on a teacher’s verbal teaching. Reading overlays, with a text ‘window,’ can help a child focus on reading one line at a time. Simple tools can make a big difference.

Even if your child requires significant IEP supports and services to participate in the regular classroom, the services should be provided through your child’s IEP. He may need an extra pair of hands, legs, eyes, or daily assistance that requires a full-time one-on-one aide. Whatever your child needs to be successful in the general classroom may be provided.

This tutorial unit will help you determine those IEP supports and services that will help your child learn and progress in a regular classroom and in the general curriculum. Did you know your child may qualify for specialized technology, services, or simple classroom aids?

Any child with an IEP may benefit from IEP supports and services. The IEP has a section to specify exactly what types of aids or assistance a child needs to succeed. This section can be critical, is often brushed by as a minor portion of the IEP. However, the IEP supports and services section make the difference between your child participating in a regular classroom versus in a specialized environment.

Take a guess: Is “Teacher Training” considered as an IEP support or service?

Answer: YES! Teacher training can be critical to a child’s success. Any teacher who is working with your child should have the appropriate training to teach or help your child effectively.

Go “Forward” in this training to learn more about SPECIFIC IEP supports and services your child can be provided.

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