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Special Education Support Services

IDEA §300.347(a) Content of IEP states an IEP must contain special education support services:

(3) A statement of the special education and related services and supplementary aids and services to be provided to the child, or on behalf of the child, and a statement of the program modifications* or supports for school personnel that will be provided for the child—

Special education support services must be considered to allow your child to:

(i) To advance appropriately toward attaining the annual goals.

(ii) To be involved and progress in the general curriculum in accordance with paragraph (a)(1) of this section and to participate in extracurricular and other nonacademic activities. and

(iii) To be educated and participate with other children with disabilities and nondisabled children in the activities described in this section.

*Modifications, as mentioned here, are sometimes provided in the support section of the IEP. However, they are often defined in a separate section. Modifications will be covered in another section of this course.

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The underlined code above lists aspects of providing support services to a child that are often overlooked.

The main goal for providing special education support services is to help your child participate with other children in the general curriculum. Support services also let your child participate in “extracurricular and other nonacademic activities”.

Your child is not to be kept away from his peers. Your child is supposed to be supported in having a childhood experiences just like other kids with no disabilities.

The IDEA rules leave options open for the types of support services your child can receive. The special education support services range from providing transportation, to personal aids, additional learning tools, and more.

You can search on google for the special education support services. You’ll find information on a wide variety of possible services.

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