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What information is supposed to be in the IEP Present Levels of Performance (PLOP) section?

The heart of the matter is answering the question, “What is your child able to do?”

These are the IDEA specifications for the Present Levels of Performance section:

IDEA §300.347(a) Content of IEP states an IEP must contain:

(1) A statement of the child’s present levels of educational performance, including –

(i) How the child’s disability affects the child’s involvement and progress in the general curriculum (i.e., the same curriculum as for nondisabled children); or

(ii) For preschool children, as appropriate, how the disability affects the child’s participation in appropriate activities;

IDEA §300.346(a)(1) Development, review, and revision of IEP, (a) Development of IEP says (1) In developing each child’s IEP, the IEP team, shall consider –

(i) The strengths of the child and the concerns of the parents for enhancing the education of their child.”

I found a “sample” PLOP statement on one state’s Department of Education website. This is an example of what kinds of PLOP statements are commonly found in IEPs. Statements are similar to this:

“Johnny fidgets constantly and has a difficult time staying on task. He is behind his classmates and requires intervention.”

This statement was used as a “sample” for teachers to use in developing PLOP statements. This is an inappropriate Present Levels of Performance statement. Why?

PLOP Quiz Question

What is wrong with the example Present Levels of Performance statement?

There are no strengths listed and nothing is positive.

The IEP team has no information about how to best teach this child.

No objective current levels of performance are defined.

All of the Above.

Which answer did you choose? If you chose “All of the Above,” YOU are correct! The Present Levels of Performance statement is supposed to include more than a simple, single statement like the example above! Press the forward button to learn more about writing an APPROPRIATE Present Levels of Performance statement, and see some examples of properly written PLOP statements.

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