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All About Writing Goals for IEP Progress: Why it matters:

When Writing Goals for IEP progress, you must understand what IEP goals are supposed to do for your child.  Basically, the goals define what your child will be expected to achieve. They help determine the level of service your will receive. Therefore, writing goals which MEASURE progress is critical.

All Writing Goals for IEP Progress Measurement: Legal Requirements in IDEA

Before we get into how to write GOOD goals, here’s what the law says the goals section must contain (IDEA §300.347(a))

(2) A statement of measurable annual goals, including benchmarks or short-term objectives, related to –

(i) Meeting the child’s needs that result from the child’s disability to enable the child to be involved in and progress in the same general curriculum as for non-disabled children, or for preschool children, as appropriate, to participate in appropriate activities; and

(ii) Meeting each of the child’s other educational needs that result from the child’s disability;

In regard to Local School System responsibility, IDEA §300.350 IEP—accountability states (a) Provision of services. Subject to paragraph (b) of this section, each public agency must—

(1) Provide special education and related services to a child with a disability in accordance with the child’s IEP; and

(2) Make a good faith effort to assist the child to achieve the goals and objectives or benchmarks listed in the IEP.

In order to review a child’s progress, IEP goals are to be reviewed at least annually as designated in §300.343 IEP meetings:

(c) Review and revision of IEPs. Each public agency shall ensure that the IEP team—

(1) Reviews the child’s IEP periodically, but not less than annually, to determine whether the annual goals for the child are being achieved; and

(2) Revises the IEP as appropriate to address – (i) Any lack of expected progress toward the annual goals and in the general curriculum.

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