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IEP Training Course Content

This course consists of six units which correspond to the required sections of an IEP. The required sections are:

Each unit of this IEP Training Course will familiarize you with the purpose of one of these IEP sections. You will also learn about the required content for the specific section. The course will allow you to read the specific portion of IDEA laws which detail the contents of the IEP section.

To proceed directly through the IEP Training Course, without missing any units, you can use the “Next” option in the upper right-hand corner of this column. If you decide to leave the course, you’ll want to bookmark the page you are viewing so you can resume where you left the course.

If you decide to skip any unit, you can use the drop-down navigation menu at the top of the screen to go directly to a unit which interests you. This flexibility in navigation lets you access areas of training that are of immediate need, if you do not have the desire to complete the course in its entirety.

The course will take you one to two hours to complete, depending upon your reading speed. If you engage in other suggested activities, you will learn a great deal about IEPs which will be helpful to you in future meetings and doing so will require additional time. You can put forth as much time as you wish and your learning will directly relate to the time you spend. Action items will be maroon in color. Be certain to have a notebook ready for notes and to make a list of “action items”, if you do not complete them concurrently with this course.

I hope you find this course of great benefit and it helps you advocate for your child.

For a lasting reference, download this great “Guide to the Individualized Education Program”. The overall process from identification through education is discussed. This document was created and paid for by your tax dollars and is an excellent resource. Download the IEP Guide here.

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