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Have questions about homeschooling?

Questions About Homeschooling

I hope these FAQs will help answer YOUR questions about homeschooling.

If you don’t see your questions about homeschooling listed here, I’ve also written a book with the answers to 75 of the most frequently asked questions about homeschooling. They’re questions I’ve received many times over the past decade. You can look in the Table of Contents of my book to see if your questions about homeschooling are answered in the book. My book is called, “How-To Homeschool Your Learning Abled Kid: 75 Questions Answered.” It’s available on Amazon. You can search the title there.

Between these two resources, I hope you can get answers to ALL of your questions about homeschooling!

List of Questions About Homeschooling :

Q: I don’t want my child ‘labeled’. Why should I have learning disabilities testing? Answer

Q: How do you help your child if she has severe problems with memory and information recall? How can I teach my child how to memorize? Answer

Q: I need information on adequate yearly progress (AYP). My child’s teacher is giving my son good grades, but I am not seeing the progress. I don’t think he’s making AYP. What can I do? Answer

Q: My child can read, but has difficulty writing. Is it possible my child has a writing disability or dysgraphia? Answer

Q: My child can sound out words, but she has to sound them out every single time even though she’s just read the word. She has some reversals of b’s and d’s too. Do you think she is showing signs of dyslexia? Answer

Q: Is vision therapy valid or does my child need vision therapy? Any advice/experience is appreciated.. My child is six and struggling with reading. Would you get an exam? Answer

Q: Please give me your opinion about using any of these services:

1) Neuropsychological Testing through the school system
2) Pediatrician
3) Neurodevelopment Training Answer

Q: How much should I worry about reading speed? Is there a reading fluency program out there that you’d recommend? Or, do you know of any methods to use on a daily basis to slowly improve speed? Answer

Q: I’ve heard the Lindamood Bell is good, but it is so expensive. Is it worth the money? Can you provide a Lindamood Bell review? Answer

Q: We just moved. My child had a 504 plan in school. Where can I find information about 504 plan requirements in my new state? Answer

Q: My child recently started school and has been struggling. His teacher thinks he should be evaluated for learning problems. She is having difficulty providing the help he needs. Should I continue to send my child to our public school or do kids get better special education in private schools? Answer

Q: Our school system says dyslexia is not a valid classification for receiving services for 504. What is a 504 plan and are they just for medical conditions? Answer

Q: I have had to battle my school system for Special Ed Services for my first child. Now my second child is struggling even more. Will it be easier to get special ed services for my second child? Answer

Q: Could you please tell me more about this Davis method? I would like to learn more about it. Can you give a Ron Davis Dyslexia Program Review? Answer

Q: My child struggles with writing, and math, and has trouble remembering symbols. Because he reverses symbols, I am wondering if he has dyslexia, but he can read. Is it possible that he has dyslexia and can you recommend a curriculum? Answer

Q: Our school system says our child doesn’t qualify for special services because they think he has a behavior problem, not a learning disability. I think it’s a learning issue. What do I do? Answer

Q: My school says they won’t test my child because she is making passing grades. We think our child needs help. What are the rules for special education eligibility? Answer

Q: My child’s teacher says if they provide *any* modifications for my child, she won’t be able to graduate with a regular diploma. Is this true? Answer

Q: Our child is struggling with reading. We suspect dyslexia. Our school administrators say they can’t diagnose dyslexia in children. Is this true? Answer

Q: We are moving a child with an IEP to a new school. The new school system says our child doesn’t qualify for special services here. Can they just stop special education services? Answer

If you still have questions about homeschooling, you may want to join one of the Learning Abled Kids’ support groups:

You can ask your questions about homeschooling in the Learning Abled Kids’ YAHOO Support Group.
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You can ask your questions about homeschooling on the Learning Abled Kids’ Facebook Page.
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We have a lot of great homeschooling moms who are willing to answer questions about homeschooling. They know a LOT about a wide variety of subjects!