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Q: We just moved. My child had a 504 plan in school. Where can I find information about 504 plan requirements in my new state?


504 plan in school

Having a 504 plan in school is a subpart of the American Disabilities Act. Having a 504 plan in school provides for accommodations and accessibility nationwide.

You can get information about the Americans with Disabilities Act and a 504 plan in school from the Federal website.  Basically, when moving, your child’s 504 plan in school should be able to transfer directly to the new school.

Schools often will want to change a child’s IEP to suit their typical practices. However, if your child’s IEP and 504 plan meet your child’s needs, it really isn’t necessary to change either document. 

Whether the new school desires to change your child’s 504 plan in school or not, you should expect the school to call a meeting to discuss your child’s needs. 

Although having a meeting is not required when you move, many schools like to have a meeting to be sure your child’s needs are adequately documented and met. The new school will want to discuss your child’s educational program and his 504 plan in school.

If you had concerns or issues with your child’s 504 plan in school, or his IEP, then it can be a great opportunity to ask for an IEP meeting. You can discuss your child’s plan from the old school, express concerns you have, and ask for changes you believe your child needs.

The other aspects of public education are dictated by IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act). It governs specific requirements for schools to meet the needs of children with disabilities including learning disabilities. It is also a federal law that stands in every state too.

I have a short, free online IEP training course at:
The course will familiarize you with IDEA and special education requirements, if you’re interested. 😉

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