Aug 012013

Classroom Posters are Great Tools for Teaching Visual Learners.

classroom posters

Classroom posters are also awesome for making multisensory lessons. Did you know multisensory learning or learning styles based teaching is the best way for kids to learn?

Using a variety of classroom posters can help your child visualize concepts, see timelines, understand objects and relationships, etc. Whether you need a periodic table poster, an alphabet poster, scientific posters, or other educational posters, you can probably find what you need in the classroom poster listings below.

If you have a visual learner, putting up classroom posters for the major subjects you are teaching is always a good choice. The classroom poster will Help your visual learner remember the information better. Since visual learners need images to learn, it truly will help your child if you have pictures for him or her to look at.

Great strategy for using classroom posters: here’s what I recommend:

Begin by mounting the educational poster somewhere near where your child does most of his or her school work. For important concepts, you can have your child point to each image and say the important facts each and every school day.

For example, if you have an alphabet poster (better yet, a phoneme poster), you can have your child point to each letter and say the SOUND it represents. You can get a periodic table for chemistry and have your child recite the elements each day. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, you can do this with any kind of category poster.

By doing the poster drill daily, you’ll help your child memorize concepts in a relatively painless way. We loved getting new posters! And, of course, as a BONUS, the poster tubes make awesome toys! 😉

If you don’t find the classroom poster you were looking for in the listings below, you may want to search for classroom posters separately on Amazon. There are literally hundreds of educational posters. It’s difficult for me to keep up with the listings and additional categories.

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