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Homeschool Drivers Ed is needed to meet state or insurance requirements for Driver’s Education.

In addition, children with learning disabilities often need time to absorb content.

Self-paced, online Driver’s Ed or computer-based courses can be an ideal solution for homeschool drivers ed. The courses can help eliminate performance pressures kids feel in a typical classroom.

Luckily, there are quite a few Driver’s Ed computer Programs available for use at home.

Homeschool Drivers EdWe found the course to be an ideal solution for slower-paced, interactive learning for both of our boys.

If your child needs to take a Driver’s Ed course, is completely online, easy, and interactive. It’s ideal for visual learners. It works more like a drivers ed game in a lot of ways. It has full audio with sound effects that help make the course more interesting. lets your child begin the program for FREE, so you can tell if it is something This provides you an opportunity to see if this particular homeschool drivers ed course will meet your needs.

The Driver’s Course provides the complete classroom portion of driver education for teens seeking their learner’s permit and driver’s license. Graduates receive Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) recognized certificates of completion in states where is certified. Be sure to check with your state DMV to be sure the certificate will be accepted for the learner’s permit and driver’s license exam.

Rules of the Road 2-Disc DVD Set: Interactive Driver’s Ed Course is a great program for homeschool drivers ed. It is designed to help teen drivers pass the written part of the driver’s exam.  It’s a great place to begin before starting any other driving program.  Once your child has finished this book, if he wants an online drivers ed game to practice permit test outcomes, then you might want to give above a whirl.  Both of my boys really liked

Teen drivers are notorious for having crashes, whether of a fender-bender nature or more severe. Crash-Proof Your Kids: Make Your Teen a Safer, Smarter Driver
is a really good book to go through with your child. It really helps with awareness. The homeschool drivers ed “Crash Proof” course we chose helped our sons understand the risks of distracted driving as well as how to cope with other surprising driving situations.

There’s no guaranty a “crash proof” course will make your child react correctly in an instant. However, we found that Crash Proof worked really well for insuring our sons do not text, talk on their phones, or otherwise engage in risky behaviors while driving.

Some community schools also offer Drivers Education classes for a fee. You can check your local phone book, local course catalogs, or your state’s Department of Driver’s Services website to see what is available. Some school districts also offer Drivers Education classes to the community in weekend or week night schools.

Getting a Driver’s License requires proof of having completed a driver’s education course. Many states have requirements that a student provide proof they are actively attending school. For homeschoolers, this is usually as simple as showing a copy of your Letter of Intent to homeschool, or other documents recognized by your state as proof of home schooling. You can check your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles site to determine what information is needed prior to applying for a driver’s license.

Often insurance companies will offer discounts for students who have completed homeschool drivers ed classes with high marks. Be sure to check into any discounts available through your insurer as rates for teenage drivers can be exorbitant!

Our insurance company accepted our certificate as proof of completing a homeschool drivers ed course. The course truly did meet all of our homeschool drivers ed needs. 😉

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