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Brain Training Cognitive Skills are critical for academic success in children with learning disabilities. By definition, kids with learning disabilities CAN learn, but they have some cognitive skills that are delayed in development.

Without building up the underlying skill deficits in your child’s brain, learning is more difficult across all subjects. Science shows that our brains are constantly building new synapses and neuroscience shows that brain plasticity allows your child’s brain to build new pathways with intensive remediation.

Brain Training Cognitive Skills Enhancement for Better Learning

Brain Training cognitive skills programs are designed to increase skills such as working memory, attention and focus, processing speed, phonological awareness, auditory processing, visual discrimination, etc. By increasing your child’s functioning in cognitive skills areas, his overall level of academic achievement can be enhanced.

Many Brain Training cognitive skills programs are overlooked when a child’s educational program is being developed. However, the gains made through these programs can create significant gains across all academic subjects. Check out the research on the programs below to validate the use of Brain Training Cognitive Skills programs for enhancing your child’s learning.

Selecting Brain Training Cognitive Skills programs

When selecting the most appropriate program for you and your child, consider how much time and interaction you can commit. You’ll also want to consider how well you can work one-on-one with your child, how well your child works alone, and whether an outside provider will have an easier time gaining cooperation when working with your child.

Some programs require more parent involvement, and some can be used by the child without significant adult assistance. To get the most out of the program you choose, try to match the program to your abilities and needs as well as to your child’s needs. There is no sense in purchasing a program you can’t or don’t use.

I hope these brain training cognitive skills programs help you address your child’s needs. Best of luck!

Best Liked Brain Training Cognitive Skills Programs for Home Use:

Check out the Brain training APPS that are available to help develop your child’s cognitive skills too. Brain Training Cognitive Skills apps

**Brainware Safari is a great, general brain training cognitive skills programs program for kids in elementary school. The interface uses drawings that appeal to young children, so teens sometimes feel the program is “beneath” them. Brainware Safari has a great deal of research to support its effectiveness, so be sure to check that out when considering this brain training program. Take advantage of their free trial to see if this brain training program will work well for your child.

**Lumosity is much better suited for teens. The program is designed primarily for adults, so it has a more business-like interface that suits most kids who are beyond the cartoon stage. Like Brainware Safari, Lumosity has research backing the program effectiveness, as do most of the Brain Training Cognitive Skills programs listed below. Take advantage of their free trial to see if this brain training program will work well for your child.

**Lexia Learning’s CrossTrainer – “The Lexia Cross-Trainer Suite is designed to improve cognitive development in learners ages 7 to adult. The software helps learning disabled, special needs, and mainstream students strengthen their thinking, memory, and problem-solving abilities, improving performance across subjects as varied as reading, math, science, and social studies.” Learn more about brain-based learning.

**Audiblox – Program which is administered by the parent/provider, requires a commitment to consistent use, and helps with many issues.

**Earobics – Computer-based program that is easily used on a daily basis; game play format that children enjoy, increases cognitive skills, but is geared more towards children with auditory processing difficulties or dyslexia.

**PACE (Processing and Cognitive Enhancement) – Tutoring model; requires commitment to tutoring sessions and home exercises.

**Brain Gym – Simple program to use at home; enhances overall learning. “Brain Gym is a program of physical movements that enhance learning and performance in ALL areas. Brain Gym includes 26 easy and enjoyable targeted activities that integrate body and mind to bring about rapid and often dramatic improvements in: concentration, memory, reading, writing, organizing, listening, physical coordination, and more.” Learn more about our use of Brain Gym at Home.

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