Jul 102013

Have ALL Kinds of Fun With Hands On Activities for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great holiday for learning about American History, Columbus, the pilgrims, family traditions, early crops in America and many other aspects of early American life. It’s a GREAT time for your child to learn about this holiday with hands-on activities, rather than just reading about it in books.

The  Thanksgiving holiday season, in particular,  is a great time for visual, hands-on activities for learning.

You can delight your children with activities for Thanksgiving that allow them to excel in creativity, and provide an outlet from the daily chore of doing typical schoolwork. During the holidays, you can teach your child about the history of Thanksgiving, some American History, let your child learn by doing activities, and get away from the books that cause kids with specific learning disabilities so much stress.

Many homeschooling families I know take time off from traditional academics from Thanksgiving, through Christmas, Kwanza, or Hannukah, and into the New Year.

You can incorporate activities for thanksgiving into your reading, writing, and math into their days by baking, setting budgets for gifts, following instructions to make crafts, writing to relatives, and reading about the holidays.

Having your child make a lapbook about Thanksgiving is a great way to incorporate activities for Thanksgiving into your reading and writing skills while having fun with the holiday season.

hands on craft Activities for Thanksgiving

Activities for Thanksgiving & Hands on Crafts

For the study of Thanksgiving, You may find these sites will provide ideas for great hands-on Activities for Thanksgiving that you can incorporate into your studies:

Online Activities for Thanksgiving for Non-Readers

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