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Online Colleges for Continuing Your Child’s Homeschool Education:

If your child is ready to go to college, online colleges are easier to manage for students with Specific Learning Disabilities.

Online Colleges for Homeschool College

Also, check out the current edition of K&W Guide Colleges for Students With Learning Disabilities. This book can help you find the latest disabilities friendly Online Colleges. (Click on book cover to the right).

Attending one of the ‘disability friendly’ online colleges can make the difference between success, frustration, or even failure. This is especially true for the first two years of required core courses.

Attending a small, friendly online college can help your child adjust to the demands of college. The online colleges can ease your child into college without overwhelming him. Living on campus involves a whole new, independent lifestyle. That can be a lot to adjust to all at once.

College Success for Students with Learning Disabilities: Strategies and Tips to Make the Most of Your College Experience can help your child understand the challenges he’ll face. It can help your child plan for a successful college experience. These two books are great resources in forming a plan for your child’s college path.

Attending Online Colleges at Home

If your child wants to attend an online college while living at home, there are MANY Online Colleges. Some of the Online Colleges have been around for a decade or more. Like Virtual High Schools, many traditional universities are offering online degree programs too.

IF you are looking for dual enrollment programs, be SURE to consider the Virtual High Schools offered BY COLLEGES too. Not all of the programs on the virtual high schools page are college-based programs. However, Virtual High Schools offered by colleges are some of the FRIENDLIEST towards homeschoolers. This is especially true for who want to take dual enrollment courses.

Some degree majors are easier to find online than others. You’ll have to research based upon your child’s college degree interests.

Also, you may want to check out scholarships for college. We found An Ultimate Guide to Scholarships, particularly helpful. They list some scholarships for students with disabilities.

Please note: By using this website and the listing below in any manner, you accept all responsibility whatsoever for your child’s educational outcomes. You agree to hold Learning Abled Kids and its owners harmless in every regard. The listing below is strictly an informational service. It is not a specific recommendation for any Online Colleges program.

The following are full Online Colleges, generally held to be reputable. However, YOU are solely responsible for researching all aspects of the program you choose and you accept all liability whatsoever.

Listing of Online Colleges

This listing includes full four-year, two-year, and a few career schools. The list below is solely a list of “fully” Online Colleges. MANY traditional colleges now offer online programs. For whatever major your child is considering, be sure to search for additional Online Colleges.

There are four year degree and two-year technical schools on this list. The two year schools are generally easier to get into than four-year schools. Some of the two-year classes may transfer to a four-year college. Be sure to check out the four-year college rules to be sure about transfer credits.

Your child may also want to learn a trade or skill. There are a few specialized trade schools on the list. If your child wants a career that can be taught online, then going through an online college program has a lot of advantages. There are no residency expenses if your child lives at home. You can help your child with planning and scheduling of assignments.

Completing the first year of two in an online college program can help a student adjust to college more easily. If your child is going to complete one or two years online, then transfer to a face-to-face program, be sure to double check if the credits will transfer to the next college.

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