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For kids with specific reading disabilities, it’s often necessary to use multi-sensory aids to help the child learn to read well. This section highlights some tools you can use to help your child learn to read using more than words on paper.

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For children with specific learning disabilities in math, using manipulatives like counters, blocks, an abacus, and other hands-on items can help with math concept learning. Below are some examples of tools you can use for teaching your child math using hands-on activities.

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Educational games can be used to learn a number of concepts in a way that is often more fun than simply working with paper, pencils, and books. Check out the wide variety of educational games available today.

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Using visual posters is an excellent way to help visual learners remember key facts and concepts in virtually any subject area. Educational posters are particularly helpful for science-based subjects.

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If your child is fascinated by tablets or technology, using apps for learning instead of for gaming can be a great way for your child to pass the time. If you pick apps that include gamification, then younger kids often don’t realize the purpose of the app is learning. Check out the wide variety of apps available, and see if you can find one your child loves.

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Want your child to have some fun that includes learning? Why not try some educational toys!

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