Nov 142013

Parent Support: The Story

It happened again today. I always attribute it to God putting me in the right place at the right time to provide parent support to desperate moms.

I was out running errands, and I had not intended to, but I decided to stop and grab lunch on my way home since I have a busy afternoon ahead.

My lunch arrived and I had just begun eating when a woman walked in the restaurant and asks the first person she sees, “Is that your green car out there?” I knew instantly, she was looking for me.

The woman glanced around quickly, identified me as another likely candidate and asked me, “Is that your green car out there?”

“Yes, it is,” I replied.

I’m often thankful for my green car. Not only is it a great car (Honda CR-V), but it is also distinct because of its color. That aspect was not a consideration when I bought the car–I just liked the green color.

“Tell me about your parent support,” the woman says, “I saw it on your car.” She wasn’t crying yet, but I could tell there was an urgency in her voice.

I knew exactly what she meant. The back window of my car has the logo for “Learning Abled Kids” on it. I proceeded to tell her that I helped support parents of learning abled kids in figuring out how to meet their child’s educational needs. I told her we have an online parent support group where everyone helps each other.”

“That’s good because..” and she started telling me her story. It was similar to many stories I’ve heard, and yet distinct with its own little nuances and a slightly different flavor.

Nevertheless, there it was–another Learning Abled Kid whose education was wasting away in public school.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to cry on you,” she said.

“That’s TOTALLY okay. I’ve been right where you are. I understand completely,” I said nearly in tears myself. It is always heart-breaking that this scenario takes place in school after school, year after year, and I wonder if it will ever stop.

We talked more about how remiss public schools are in meeting the needs of kids with reading-based learning disabilities. We talked a little bit about schooling options and I gave her my business card. She thanked me for my time and started to leave..

I called out to her, “Chin Up. It’ll be okay because you care!” And so it will be.

And so, once again I had a conversation over lunch with a crying stranger, but it was meant to be. I always want to give HUGE hugs, and tell the mom. “Thank You!” on behalf of her child.

For any parent who seeks solutions, and asks questions, answers shall come your way. Whether by me, by the Learning Abled Kids’ parent support group, or by some other knowledgeable source. Just keep asking, keep seeking, and you shall find educational solutions for your child.

As long as you don’t give up on your child, seek answers and solutions, and put the solutions in place, your child will be alright.

Your child is already well ahead of many kids because he has a mom who cares enough to go into a restaurant to seek an unknown, total stranger that drives a green car.

As a Seeker Mom, YOU ROCK!

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