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If you’re looking for Inspirational Stories About Homeschooling, WE Have Them!

If you’re specifically interested in SUCCESS-based inspirational stories about homeschooling kids with learning disabilities, check out our success stories from moms who have had GREAT results homeschooling. They are among the most inspirational stories about homeschooling, particularly if your child has a learning disability.

Other Inspirational Stories about Homeschooling

The inspirational stories about homeschooling that are listed below are homeschooling encouragement stories. The articles were written from the heart, based upon how homeschooling helps kids.

The most inspirational story of all MAY be your OWN story! Check out Overcome Your Fear of Homeschooling with Insider Informationinspirational stories about homeschooling to see about creating inspirational stories about homeschooling your own child.

Overcoming Learning Disabilities through Homeschooling – Modified speech given at the Parent Leadership Institute August 2011.

You CAN Homeschool Your Learning Challenged Child

http://reliableanswers.com/hs/learning_challenged_child.asp – Published: October 7, 2005

Learning Disabilities and Homeschool Jitters

http://www.homeschooldiner.com/specials/special_needs/jitters_sandy_cook.html – Published: December 2005

If after reading these inspirational stories about homeschooling, you still have any doubts, I HIGHLY recommend reading the Overcome Your Fear of Homeschooling book. Before we started homeschooling, I had a lot of misconceptions based upon stereotypes against homeschoolers. TRULY, homeschooled kids are among some of the most delightful, respectful, and often very happy kids. They are often confident and well-spoken too.

As homeschooling becomes more popular, it also represents a more typical set of kids, from K-12. GONE are the days of “odd” homeschoolers who homeschooled based primarily upon religious beliefs. People homeschool for a LOT of different reasons today. Check out our “Homeschooling Statistics : Learning Abled Kids’ Poll Data Results” to learn more about WHO homeschools and WHY!

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