Nov 152012

overcome learning disabilities

I think you’re awesome because you want to help your child overcome learning disabilities.

You can create educational success for your child by seeking out the answers to the following questions:

  • What are your child’s learning styles?
  • What learning strengths does your child have?
  • What cognitive deficits need strengthening (memory, processing speed, etc.)
  • What achievement gaps exist and what is the specific cause of those gaps?
  • Which curricula will help your child overcome his learning disabilities?
  • Which programs are proven to work for specific areas of disability or giftedness?
  • How do I measure adequate yearly progress?

Answer the questions above by exploring the Learning Abled Kids’ website. You can go to the Table of Contents and look for the help you need.

Use the new insights you learn to create a great educational program to help your child overcome learning disabilities. While challenges may exist in meeting your child’s educational needs, it is entirely possible to develop a great program to help your child.

My Qualifications for Helping You Overcome Learning Disabilities in Your Child

I have my Master’s Degree in Instructional Design. I’m a veteran homeschooling mom of boys with a variety of learning disabilities and who are also twice exceptional. I homeschooled my boys for over a decade to overcome learning disabilities. They’re highly successful college students now. When I was obtaining my Master’s Degree, I focused on Learning Styles and Universal Design for Learning.  I’ve been trained in Orton-Gillingham multisensory teaching methods used for teaching children with dyslexia how to read.

As an Instructional Designer, I can help you figure out how to meet your child’s unique learning needs so your child can overcome learning disabilities, and my goal is to help you help your child achieve beyond expectations.  I’m eager to share both practical and premium learning solutions with you so you can help your child succeed.

You can help your child achieve better than expected outcomes.  The only requirement: You have to be willing and able to take control of your child’s education. Whether your child has specific learning disabilities (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, attention deficit disorder, executive functioning disorder, etc.), has advanced intellectual abilities, or both LDs and giftedness (is twice exceptional), taking charge will give you the time you need to overcome learning disabilities.

Please look around the website for answers and solutions. Feel free to leave me a comment on any page where comments are open. Email me privately if you have a question you’d like answered in our Q&A section. I’m wishing you ALL the best and hope Learning Abled Kids is a blessing to you in helping your child overcome learning disabilities.


SandyKC, M.S. Instructional Design,
Owner, Learning Abled Kids, L.L.C., and Veteran Homeschooling Mom 😀