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Have a Tactile Learner? Check out this list of Hands-On Activities for Tactile Learning

tactile learner list of activitiesDo you have a tactile learner on your hands? Great hands-on learning activities will help your child learn. There are several activities listed below to help you teach your tactile learner.

Note: Activities for tactile learners often work well for children with a Kinesthetic learning style or bodily kinesthetic intelligence. Similarly, kids who are tactile learners often love kinesthetic learning activities. Therefore, you may also want to check out the list of kinesthetic activities for your tactile learner.

Pick tactile activities from the list below to teach your tactile learner. Jot down the ideas you like best or come up with your own ideas and build a list for your own reference.

This table of tactile learner activities is not comprehensive, so don’t feel limited by these activities. Any learning activity that is hands-on is a great activity for your tactile learner. You can have your child measure, draw, build, feel things, make something, etc.

Use the table below to jumpstart your own list of ideas for your tactile learner. Anything that comes to mind is worth writing down!

Hands-On Activities for Teaching A Tactile Learner

Drawing Modeling Clay or Playdoh
Felt Story Boards Painting or Finger Painting
Finger writing on velvet, textured cloth, sandpaper, sand table, rice table, in a pan with vaseline, pan with oil, or pan with liquid soap, or any other textured surface Foot writing – with bare feet, trace / write information on carpet, grass, sand, or other textured surface
Writing on Raised-line Papers or slick, thick paper (it has a different feel than traditional notebook paper). Using smooth-rolling gel pens
Art Materials Building Projects
Learning Games Project Kits
Lap Books Sorting
Making Dioramas Hands-on Experiments
Making Models Writing
Manipulatives (magnetic letters, letter tiles, abacus, blocks, etc.) Creative Cutting of shapes or images with scissors

If your child is a tactile learner, the section of the website that talks about teaching kids with a tactile learning style may be helpful to you too.

When you have made a list of learning activities for teaching your tactile learner, you will have created a multisensory lesson plan. Picking one activity for each learning style (VAKT: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Tactile) is multisensory teaching.

If you have a tactile learner, teaching with tactile learning activities may be all you need to really engage your child in learning!

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