Aug 012013

Does your child have a tactile learning style? Do you know how to teach him? 

If your child is a tactile learner, you can use this learning style to your teaching advantage!

The tactile learning style is frequently joined with the kinesthetic learning style.  The tactile learner definition or learning style involves bodily movement. The tactile style is more moderate and involved more hands-on activity than larger body movements.

The tactile style is geared more towards the hands, sense of touch, and fine motor movements, rather than the large, whole-body movements seen in the kinesthetic learning style.

If your child has fiddle fingers and touches everything, he may be a tactile learner with a tactile learning style.

The Tactile Learning Style takes in information through the sense of touch and feeling, and generally a tactile learner has good eye-hand coordination. People with a tactile learning style often have active hands. They fiddle with knobs and buttons, explore objects, examining and evaluating traits of objects. When in a store, persons with a tactile learning style may touch and explore many objects to ‘understand’ the characteristics of the object.

Hand-on learning is the primary method for teaching tactile learners.

Tactile learners enjoy manipulatives, using different media such as finger-paints, art materials, building projects, drawing, blocks or objects for math, hands-on science experiments, lap-booking (making their own books), games, making models, dioramas, etc.

If your child is a tactile-based learner, you will find a project-oriented method of teaching will probably appeal to your child’s need to have active hands.

Later in this tutorial, I provide a specific list of tactile learning activities you can use if your child has a tactile learning style.  I’d recommend going through the whole tutorial to better understand great ways of teaching your child, but if you are short on time and want to jump ahead to the list of tactile learning activities, you can do so.

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