Aug 012013

Do you have a child with dyslexia? I DO TOO! Two of them, in fact.  Do you want to know HOW to help your child learn to read (well)?

Because I’ve been there and helped my child overcome dyslexia, you will find this website provides the most robust resources for helping a child who is struggling with dyslexia, which is a language-based learning disability.  It’s important for you to know what dyslexia IS and what it is NOT in order to help your child.

The Learning Abled Kids site contains specific information about dyslexia, organizations (which you’ll find at the bottom of this page), curriculum, how we remediated our child in two years of home schooling, and about tools and methods for remediation.

You will find information about the symptoms of dyslexia, how to teach reading to children with dyslexia, conditions that mimic dyslexia, but which require a completely different approach, in the About Dyslexia and Dyslexia Symptoms sections of our website. Other information can be found through the menu of topics on the left and through the organization links listed below.

Learning Abled Kids also has a support group for parents home schooling children with specific learning disabilities. The group is a place where other parents understand those cognitive gaps in learning, the difficulties you face in teaching your child, and the wonderful, unique strengths of your child. Please join us in the Learning Abled Kids’ Yahoo Group!

Below, we’ve gathered a list of uplifting resource sites about dealing with dyslexia and for specific methods of remediation which may be of interest to you. For a computer-based, visual, interactive and entertaining K-8 general curriculum, you might want to try Time4Learning. This curriculum is suitable for using with a visual learner who has dyslexia and they provide free trials of their website.

A book you might find particularly useful is **”Complete Reading Disabilities Handbook“. Although the book is written for teachers, there are many resources and teaching methods listed that will either help you homeschool your child, or understand the types of help your child should be getting at school.

Before going to the sites listed below, use your browser’s bookmark option to bookmark this site so you can find your way back easily. Best Wishes!

All Kinds of Minds
Davis Dyslexia Association
Directory of Scottish Rite Childhood Language Disorders Clinics
Dyslexia Research Institute
Dyslexia Teaching Program available on CD-Rom
How to Teach People with Dyslexia
International Dyslexia Association
National Institute of Health Dyslexia Information
Personal Story: Dyslexia My Life: Girard Sagmiller
Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic
Schwab Learning Foundation
Understanding Dyslexia


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