Aug 012013

Many children with learning disabilities have a Visual learning style. Images help these children remember information. One great tool is a poster. I have culled through the website for posters on various educational topics. You can view the posters in the Educational Posters For Learning section.

Visual Organizers are another key to presenting information in a way that is easy for a child with dyslexia to understand and remember. There is a wide variety of graphic organizers available on Amazon.

**Memory Training For Students – This is a great program for helping students enhance their memory skills. Remembering information is a skill many students struggle with. It is not because they were born with or without any ability to remember. The fact of the matter is, many children must be taught specifically HOW to remember or memorize needed information. If your child struggles with memory and recall, this is an option you’ll want to consider to improve your child’s performance in all subjects.

Merriam Webster’s Word Central is a site where you can play with words in the “Science Lab”, learn the Daily Buzzword, and have other fun with words.

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