Jan 122014
Standardized Test Prep: How to Prepare Your Child for End of the Year Testing (and Reduce Test Anxiety TOO!)

Most parents worry about required standardized testing at the end of each school year, but I think test anxiety is even stronger for parents of Learning Abled Kids. There are steps you can take to make sure your child understands how to take a standardized test, is ready for the test, and to make sure [...]

Feb 062013

Today, I’m answering a question about options for having a child evaluated for learning disabilities: There are basically two options for having your child professionally tested–the public school system or a private practitioner. The public school system is required, by law, to evaluate any child suspected of having a learning disability at no cost to [...]

Jan 012013

Parents who are required to provide standardized testing for their children while homeschooling often wonder whether they should utilize the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) or the Stanford test. Aside from preparing your child for standardized testing, you will want to consider the following pros and cons to using either of the tests. One [...]