Aug 212013
Free Multisensory Curriculum Online

Does your child need an Orton-Gillingham reading program, need or want multi-sensory instruction? If so, it can leave you at a loss when trying to find your teaching resources.  YOU ARE IN LUCK! There are several high-quality, free online learning programs on the Internet that will enhance your multisensory teaching efforts.  You can take advantage [...]

Aug 012013

Boulware-Gooden, R., Dahlgreen, M. and Joshi, R. M., (2002). Teaching Reading in an Inner City School through Multisensory Teaching Approach. International Dyslexia Association, Annuls of Dyslexia, Vol. 52, pp 229-239.Dahl, J., (2005). Choices foster online success for students with learning disabilities. Distance Education Report: Access. Retrieved August 17, 2006 from, R. W. and Farmer, [...]

Aug 012013
More Information and Resources for Multisensory Instruction

Do you feel more knowledgeable about multisensory instruction as a way to help your child educationally now that you’ve completed the tutorial?  If you feel like you’ve missed something and didn’t explore the links out of the tutorial, you may want to go back to pages of interest and check out specific aids like different [...]

Aug 012013
Pulling it all together..

Now that you’ve been through the tutorial and learned: What multisensory teaching is, How to teach in a multisensory manner, About auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and tactile learning styles. How to find out your child’s learning style, About Environmental, Emotional, Physiological, Psychological, and Sociological factors, How to create and adapt lessons, And been given ideas for [...]

Aug 012013
Additional Considerations for Effective Instruction

Other learning styles models, besides the Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Tactile model, explore additional learner preferences or dimensions. These other models can be valuable for refining your teaching skills and optimizing your child’s ability to learn.The Dunn and Dunn learning styles inventory which considers a person’s environmental, emotional, physiological, psychological, and social preferences. This model [...]

Aug 012013
Multisensory Social Studies Instruction

Do you have great ideas for teaching your child social studies in a fun, hands-on way?  See if these options give you any ideas to help social studies ‘stick’ in your child’s mind:Most Social Studies curriculum is text-based. Visually-rich pictorial accounts of events in books can help visual learners process text more effectively. It is [...]

Aug 012013
Multisensory Science Instruction

Does your child excel with science?  Many learning abled kids DO! No matter what, science is one of the easiest subjects to teach in a multisensory, hands-on way.Science by nature is hands-on and visual which makes it easy to teach in a multisensory manner. “A growing body of research evidence suggests free-choice learning contributes greatly [...]

Aug 012013
Multisensory Math Instruction for Children with Math Difficulties

Does your child struggle with math? Have you considered multisensory means for teaching your child?Using Multisensory Teaching to teach a child Math concepts through auditory, visual, and hands-on learning can help improve learning for children with math-based learning disabilities like dyscalculia.Almost all math curriculums are text-based, auditory style programs (remember reading is an auditory activity, [...]