Oct 132013

Special Education Advocacy Comments by: Sandy Cook, Parent, To Georgia’s House of Representatives Education Committee Members and Georgia’s Senate Education Committee Members at their Townhall Session on 10 October 2013 “After five years in public school, my oldest son still could not read. He was falling further behind in all subjects. We told our IEP […]

Jul 112013

I just watched a Denis Waitly success video which I wanted to share with all of you.   Believe in your child and help your child believe in his self.  Dreams are what reality is made of if you set goals and go after your dreams.  You won’t regret spending the time watching this video.. it […]

Feb 032013

I was interviewed for a small business contest by Client Creatives. I thought the Learning Abled Kids website readers might enjoy reading this interview to learn more about why we homeschooled and how we overcame learning disabilities through homeschooling. Interview with Sandy Cook of Learning Abled Kids from clientcreatives Interview with Sandy Cook, 2010, Overcoming […]

Jan 172013

This morning a friend of mine shared a video with me. The video focuses on a man, Nick Vujicic, with profound physical disabilities–he was born without arms or legs. Nick felt worthless as a young boy and became suicidal. Nick credits his parents with always giving him a message of love, truth, and hope. If you can instill these […]